From dice hoarders just for you!

At Dice Legion, we bring you the most exotic collections of dice imaginable. You can get that perfect set you've been looking to show off in your next tablet top game!

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Dice Bags / Trays

Dice trays, holders and protctors alike! 

  • Diffrent dice Diffrent sizes

    Here at Dice Legion we love all dice! big, small, and everything in between!
    Please be mindful that sometimes the dice may be a bit bigger or smaller than the average acrylic die (around 2-3mm smaller or bigger), but never worry! that will never affect their ability to roll you out of the worse situations!

  • Dice Care

    To care for your new set, all you have to do is make sure the new sets feel the love. Roll the inside dice trays, especially metal dice or dice with sharper edges, for the protection of your furniture, and to make sure you don't get any real-life piercing damage.

  • How to roll Nat 20

    You HAVE to show these dice you love them. you have to make sure they know they are cared for and special. When a die feels happy with its owner it will be more likely to roll better for you.

    Do keep in mind their personality. A sassy die might roll low just to spite you but be sure to remember they still love you!

Keep in mind

Keep out of the reach of children

Dice can be small and can be a choking hazard. To avoid any possible problems, keep all dice out of the reach of children.

Sharp edges

Some dice, especially d4's have very sharp edges. Its recommended to keep them out of the floor at all times.

Possible color differances

The colors of dice may vary depending on your device. Please allow a little wiggle room when judging the colors of the dice you have ordered.